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Welcome to Microlight Aircraft Enthusiast!

Microlight Aircraft Enthusiast is a guide for the beginning ultralight/microlight aircraft pilot. As a beginner you probably have a lot of questions about getting started. Our goal is to provide you with all of the basics about microlight/ultralight aircrafts and light sport aviation as well as give you information that will help make your experience safe and enjoyable.

Cost of Ownership
If you've ever wanted to learn to fly, but thought that flying lessons and aircraft ownership were out of reach, flying a microlight aircraft may be just what you are looking for. You don't have to purchase your own aircraft or pay for an expensive hanger to get started. Certified instructors will provide you with everything you need.

When you are ready to own a microlight aircraft, you'll be excited to know that this type of aircraft, while it won't fit into everyone's budget, is incredibly afffordable. The only items you'll need after purchasing your aircraft are safety and communication gear. There's no need for an expensive hanger and you can transport your aircraft with your car or truck.

Microlight Aircraft Safety
We'll also answer your questions about microlight aircraft safety. While microlight flying is a relatively low risk sport, there is some risk. We'll help you to minimize those risks by offering ideas that will help you to be properly prepared. We also will provide you with the tools you need to make smart decisions.

Microlight/Ultralight Aircraft Regulations
Yep, there are a few rules for microlight aircraft and for the pilots that fly them. The rules are in place to help keep you and others safe. We'll cover the basics here and your instructor can help you with the rest.

Microlight/Ultralight Aircraft Ready-to-Go and Kits
Interested in knowing who those folks are that make microlight/ultralight aircraft? We've created a list of notable manufacturers along with some information about each manufacturer.

Microlight/Ultralight Aircraft Plans
Want to be even more adventurous? Then build your own microlight aircraft! We've compiled a list of folks who will supply you with plans. The parts for one of of these ultralight/microlight aircraft can be purchased entirely from Home Depot!

Recommended Books
Here you'll find recommended books on ultralight/microlight aircraft aviation that will help you understand the principles of flight, signals, and meteorology, as well as factors that influence safe flight.

Printable Resources
We've also included links to a collection of free printable eBooks developed by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) for beginner ultralight/microlight aircraft pilots. Free eBooks include "Training Guide for Fixed-Wing Ultralights", "Training Guide for Weight-Shift Ultralights", and "Training Guide for Powered Parachute Ultralights".

Microlight/Ultralight Aircraft Photo Gallery
Lastly, our photo gallery will offer a few snapshots of the many aircraft that qualify as light sport ultralight/microlight aircraft including 3-axis planes, weight-shift trikes, autogyros and more!

Click all you want... we don't mind. Have more questions? Send us an email.

We hope you enjoy your new adventure in microlight/ultralight aircraft flying!


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