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Ultralight/Microlight Aircraft Manufacturers

Thinking about purchasing a ready-to-go or kit ultralight/microlight aircraft? This list will guide you to many of the most popular manufacturers.

Tip for Kit Builders
Amateur-built aircraft can be traced back to the beginning of aviation. Growth in popularity began with the National Air Races in Dayton, Ohio, in 1924, and peaked in the years following Charles Linberg's transatlantic flight. With this growth in interest came legislation that imposed standards for light sport aircraft. These days the Federation Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that all amateur-built aircraft be inspected before an air worthiness certificate can be issued.

The good news for amateur aircraft builders is that the FFA has created a list of pre-approved kits. By simply choosing a microlight aircraft on the list, pilots can dramatically reduce the time required to qualify their aircraft. While the FAA does not require manufacturers to submit requests for placement on this list as a prerequisite for an airworthiness certification, it is a common practice. When you begin shopping for your kit, make sure to ask if their kit has met a significant portion of the requirements outlined in Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations: Part 21, Certification Procedures for Products and Parts. If you take the time to ask, you will save yourself significant time and expense. After all, you don't want to find yourself saying, "Dude, I bought a dud!"

List of Ready-to-Go/Kit Manufacturers

Aero Consult Light Aircraft
Aero Consult Light Aircraft is a Netherlands based aircraft manufacturer of the Sirrocco Microlight.

Beaujon Aircraft
Beaujon Aircraft, also known as Beaujon Ultralights, is an American aircraft design company, located in Ardmore, Oklahoma. The company was founded by Herbert Beaujon in the 1970's, and seven of their ultralight designs are published in "How to Build Ultralights".

DynAero is a light aircraft manufacturing company based in France. The materials for their designs are all-composite, carbon fibre, based on the aluminum MC100 original design. Their aircraft are manufactured as amateur-built kits or ready-to-fly aircraft depending on the regulations in your country.

Electric Aircraft Corporation
The Electric Aircraft Corporation are producers of the ElectraFlyer Trike which is an ultralight aircraft that flies using an electric motor rather than a traditional gasoline engine.

Fantasy Air
Fantasy Air began as a Czech Republic aircraft manufacturer of Allegro - a two seat, high wing, tricycle gear, single engine light sport aircraft. In 2009, production moved to Roseburg, Oregon, USA.

Flight Design
Flight Design is a German aircraft manufacturer that began building hang gliders and ultralight aircraft in the 1980s and expaned to include paragliders in 2001.

Flylab Srl is an Italian light aircraft manufacturer of the Tucano microlight aircraft - one of the least expensive ready-to-fly ultralights available on the market.

Jabiru Aircraft
Jabiru Aircraft is an Australian light sport aircraft manufacturer that produces kit and ready-to-fly models which are built almost entirely from composite materials. Most of the Jabiru Aircraft are conventional high-wing monoplanes with tricycle undercarriage but a few taildragger models also are available.

Loehle Aircraft
Loehle Aircraft Corporation is a Tennessee based aircraft manufacturer producing kits and aircraft paint.

Micro Aviation NZ
Micro Aviation NZ is a New Zealand based manufacturer producing the popular Bantam microlight aircraft.

Murphy Aircraft
Murphy Aircraft is a Canadian based manufacturer of aircraft kits which offer a range of designs including two-seat sports aircraft and six-place bush transports.

New Kolb Aircraft
New Kolb Aircraft is an American aircraft manufacturer producing kits for amateur enthusiasts.

North Wing
North Wing is an American based company producing light sport trikes, trike wings and hang gliders.

Pipistrel is a Slovenian based light aircraft manufacturer. In 2011, in collaboration with Penn State University faculty, Pipistrel designed the award winning energy-efficient four-seat electric plane called the Taurus G4.

Preceptor Aircraft
Preceptor Aircraft is an American based manufacturer producing aircraft kits.

Quicksilver Manufacturing
Quicksilver Manufacturing is an American based manufacturer of ultralight and light aircraft. Most notably, Quicksilver aircraft has been used to train more ultralight/microlight pilots than any other aircraft.

Raj Hamsa Ultralights
Raj Hamsa Ultralights is an India based manufacturer of microlight aircraft. The company began by producing hang gliders in 1983 followed by the X-Air microlights in 1993.

TrikeBuggy is an American based company producing powered hang gliders and trikes.

Rans Designs
Rans Designs is an American based manufacturer of light aircraft and bicycles. Rans has built more than 3000 aircraft in kit form and ready-to-fly.

Titan Aircraft
Titan Aircraft is an American based manufacturer of light sport aircraft kits.


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