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Ultralight/Microlight Aircraft Plans

Interested in building an ultralight/microlight aircraft? Here's a list of companies/folks that offer plans.

Fisher Flying Products FP 303 Ultralight Aircraft
The Fisher FP303 is an all-wood and fabric ultralight/microlight aircraft with a wing span of 27.67 ft. with an empty weight of 235 lbs.

Fisher Flying Products
P.O. Box 468 - Industrial Park
Edgeley, ND 58433

Motor Glider 101
Designer/builder Jack Harper built this experimental plane from parts that he bought from Home Depot. It is an all-wood aircraft with door skins for covering. The prototype took three months to complete.

Jack Harper
6140 Seaboard Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32210

HuntWing Trike
The HuntWing is a BCAR Section S certified trike. The designer, John Hunt, reports that the Huntwing puts up a creditable showing with a cruising speed of 60 mph handling as well as big name trikes like the Quantum and Blade. The plans consist of 100 drawings and 100 pages of description. The only part of the plan that you don't build yourself is the sail.

John Hunt
Old Railway Inn
Clydach Station near Abergavenny
Gwent, NP7 ORD
Sail available through Hiway Hang Gliders

Affordaplane Ultralight
Created by Dave Edwards of Riverview, Florida, the Affordaplane "combine the best innovations to come from the ultralight industry, to create a rugged, bolt together ultralight, with a build time of right around 150 hours, without any special jigs or elaborate setups." The plans include 35 pages drawings, a builders manual, and a materials list.

6817 Alafia Drive
Riverview, Florida 33569


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